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Chick Churchill

10 Questions and Answers
5' 8"
Chick Churchill, keyboard master of Ten Years After

DLM 1. What is your musical training, what other instruments do you play ?
Chick: I was trained in classical music from the age of 7 and didn't start playing blues and rock until I was about 15 yrs of age. I don't play any other instruments other than keyboards.

DLM 2. Was Ten Years After more of a job, or something you looked forward to everyday?
Chick: I enjoyed playing with TYA a lot, though at one stage in the mid 70s, with the pressures of touring, it could be tedious at times.

DLM 3. Your memory of The Festival days, late 60’s & early 70’s?
Chick: My memories of the festival days was one of enjoying playing to lots of people. There is no buzz like walking out in front of 100,000 people that love your music.
DLM 4. Was the idea of Ten Years After never receiving major radio airplay a downer to the
Chick: I think that as far as air play went our music was played on the radio stations that we liked to listen too. Top 40 radio was never our ambition but if they played our music, well even better.
DLM 5. What is your favorite TYA release?
Chick: Stonedhenge.

DLM 6. Anything you wish Ten Years After had done differently, or are you satisfied what you
Chick: I wish we had stayed together longer. I feel we could have all done our solo projects and come together every couple of years and toured.
DLM 7. What groups did you most enjoy opening for, or headlining during Ten Years After’s
major tours?
Chcik: Looking back we headlined many bands including The Eagles, Genesis, Yes, ZZ Top and many others. It was great opening for Big Brother in the early days at Filmore east.

DLM 8. Was is really that hard for Ten Years After to record an album?
Chick: I think we were so obsessed with trying to recreate our live performances on record, we sometimes forgot recording was a different medium altogether.
DLM 9. Is your new band going to do any touring in the States?
Chick: We'd love to but we need to make a CD first, which we are in the process of doing. If anyone out there would like to sponsor Mama Paula and The Chick Churchill Band, any contributions would be gratefully accepted.

DLM 10. In your opinion, is Ten Years After finished?
Chick: Yes

My thanks to Chick Churchill 8 / 2002

Solo Projects
You And Me - 1973 Chrysalis
Jumble Queen - 1974 Chrysalis (with Bridget Saint John)
Force It - 1975 Chrysalis (with UFO)
Flash Fearless Vs The Zorg Women, Pts. 5 & 6 - 1975 Chrysalis
Merrilee Rush - 1977 United Artists (with Merrilee Rush)
Milan - 1995 Fast Western (with The Breakers)

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