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Isle Of Wight 1970

Ten Years After At The 1970 Isle of Wight Festival

Ric Lee, Leo Lyons
The 3rd festival was held at East Afton farm in Freshwater, on the 13- by 23-mile island off the coast of Southern England.
On Saturday, August 29, 1970 ~ Some local farmers complained they could hear the sound five miles away.
Others turned up to catch Ten Years After do the meanest boogie ever imaginable.
Here's a a bit of culture for you, a bit of culture:
Take the structures of the blues, amplify hugely and elongate the result to nearly 20 minutes.
Extension On One Chord  "I Can't Keep From Cryin', Sometimes"
600,000 mostly stoned flower children turned ugly in obnoxious displays of hippie self-indulgence
The Last of the Great Festivals
REVIEW FROM Melody Maker 1970
Mahatma K. Jeeves played their set
and then it was a long wait for Ten Years After. who had not played a gig for some time.
It was good to see them again, and they approached the job of cheering up the audience with cool professionalism.
One of the highlights of their set was the energetic class playing of Leo Lyons, who plucks at the strings with powerful fingers, and can keep "I'm Going Home" steaming almost by himself.
Alvin seemed to be enjoying himself and his old magic digets have lost none of their nimble touch.
A slow blues wound up the tension, then Alvin tore into "i'm Going Home," the definitive boogie rock guitar solo.
There was much dancing around the stage as the three days of lazing in the countryside drew to a climax.
As the group fled the stage, there came the demands for an encore and TYA obliged with ..Sweet Little Sixteen."
Perhaps they encored one too many times, but at least they were not stinting the fans.

*Love Like A Man
*Good Morning Little School Girl
*No Title
*Classical Thing
*Scat Thing Intro-I Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes
* I'mGoing Home
*Sweet Little 16

 Soundboard recording of most of the set is in limited circulation
AlvinWhere's Chick?
Leo Lyons BassI Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes 19+minutes

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