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TYA View
As far as this website, It was never meant to compete with any other Alvin Lee OR Ten Years After websites.
In fact those other great websites are what gave me the desire to create one.
At the time, not many sites had a lot photos, articles or actual music files associated with them.

I know nothing of TYA history or tribulations other than what I did read.
Sure I went to a lot of TYA shows and tried to meet them a couple of times, but never did.
I did join the Ten Years After Music Lovers Society in 1972.
I wish could find those writings.
I was just one of the many many fans whose friends probably considered we were nuts.
I never worshiped any band or musician, but I did take my love of TYA music to the extreme.
And my aspirations to be like Alvin Lee on guitar was probably a bit excessive also. My friends and I debated TYA music vs. the other bands in the 70's. I still get flack for it now.
That's why I invited all 4 TYA members to do a short 10 question & answer session.
Just to satisfy myself & others who maybe had similar questions.
The answers don't agree with you, oh well, they were honest answers at the time, before they reformed TYA.

This site is just stuff I collected in my younger wilder days while appreciating Ten Years After music. Hell, I've probably misplaced or gave away more related stuff than I have put on this site.

And as you can tell, I do listen to a lot of other music from the period TYA were in their prime. I put alot of the music I like on 4 streams for others to enjoy from that time period.
That's what it's all about, Variety In Life.

I'm just a fucking fan of music & Ten Years After have been my favorite group since maybe the first time I heard them on record. Well maybe not the first time, I think I had to absorb them because the music was like nothing I had ever heard before.
I can't remember, it's was 33 years ago.

One last point, I know how to draw my own conclusions & opinions and if I don't agree with you or anyone else, that doesn't make me your enemy, That only makes me ME!
I wouldn't want to be you, you don't wanna be me
But we can still communicate
I alone, am responsible for my comments & views only
As far as the current conflict on the TYA name, that's not my problem, it's between the members.
Maybe I'm wrong in my opinion, I don't know.
Peace, DLM

I have never believed anyone who visits or develops these websites is Anti-Alvin. But there are Pro-Alvin.
Let's face it, there would be no websites about TYA without Alvin's mention!
My position on using the TYA name nowadys is known, but like I said I'm not in the band, so it's not my problem.
They (the members), not we (fans/fanwebsites) will work it out.
There are 2 sides to the story for each of us, take what side you want. The matter has become much more civilzed as of late.
It can be said TYANOW is living off Alvin, or showing a respect for him by playing songs he penned while in the band, I prefer the latter. Their postion, don't know, never asked, never will. They'll live with it, They know what they're doing,
I use to carry a public message board also,and enjoyed reading the comments from fans accross the world, but when the hate-crap started I abandoned it... didn't need the hassles.
I remember TYA for the music I enjoy, and the good times shared with friends at the very many TYA concerts I attended.
I've had the pleasure of attending many live Alvin Lee shows also.
People change, times change, attitudes change.
I say good luck Alvin in your adventures, and good luck Leo, Chick, Ric and Joe in yours.
I'll see both bands when the occasion presents itself.
If both bands were playing the same night, I'd see Alvin's that night, but then drive to the next available TYANOW show. I know it will be different, but until I hear it live, not on a CD mix, I reserve judgement.
I would see both bands somehow.
P.S. please erase your link to my ES335 radio station, I abandoned that aspect of the Network ES335 website.
There are now Ten Years After sound-files on each TYA page and a new seperate Alvin Lee Network project.

Peace is within us...let it out.
I'm just a fan,

I'm Going Home