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D.L. Manning 335
 Peace & Good Rockin'
Just fooling 'round

Dale's partial guitar list
Original 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard double cutaway-single paf
Original 1958 Gibson Les Paul Jr. double cutaway-2 paf's
2 1990 Harmony acoustics 1 black, 1 blonde cutaway
1 Magnatone lap steel
1971 Martin D18
1968 Gibson ES335 large view
1970's Alvarez 5040 KOA
Pictured below
2000 Carlo Robelli 335
1993 Heritage 535 - large view -4 sale
2001 Epiphone 335 by Gibson
1986 Gibson ES335 Studio  - large view
All electric guitars use Gibson Vintage Reissue strings 10/46
I ordered a 2003 Tokai 335 styled sunburst guitar 11/15/2003

I used to sing the blues
I thought  I sang for real
Now I know the feel
And it hurts too much
My favorite TYA studio release:WATT
My favorite TYA live release:FILLMORE EAST 1970
Should I include some short mp3 clips of myself  doing some Alvin Lee licks ?
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